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Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Tips to Avoid buying Bogus Subliminal Message Products

What is Real and what is Subliminal Bullshit? Finding out if Subliminal Messages Work!

Many companies that sell Subliminal Message products will promote  how their products ‘go beyond‘ typical (often described as old fashioned or outdated techniques) subliminal message systems.  Most common ‘Advanced & Powerful” promises of product effectiveness are added by using techniques such as

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

1) Reversed Speech:   Embedding the Subliminal Affirmations in Reversed playback.  The Claim is that it allows the suggestions to bypass the critical Conscious Mind and access the Subconscious Mind

2) Sped up messages: Embedding the Subliminal Affirmations played at super high speeds. (check the sample of this later in the article)

3) Silent tracks: Nothing is Embedded, the volume of the affirmations is recorded below anyone’s ability to hear them

While these claims sound nice, and are designed to appeal to your desire to believe that your subconscious mind is capable of this incredible feats – They are simple not true.

You are wasting your time and money on marketing fantasy with absolutely no evidence that it works! This is the same as claiming that because you painted Angel wings on your car it will now fly.

The advancement of Neuroscience while freely admitting does not understand many things about the human brain, does understand a tremendous amount, AND more importantly knows what the brain is not capable of. The Sub Conscious mind does not encode a secret message in reversed speech to express your ‘true’ intentions when speaking. Neurons do not respond to stimulus it does not hear, nor can you understand speech speed up at a rate where it is gobbledygook.


The Science of Subliminal Messaging:

The science of Subliminal Messaging is based on the messages being there, but beyond the threshold of conscious perception. The messages must be perceivable without the encoding stimulus or else they just do not work. This means that any type of affirmations given in a subliminal message product must be able to be heard and understood if the background (masking) sound was not there.

You will find that in true recordings you will sometimes hear a muffled sound of the affirmations in the session at certain times. This is when the background music has a rising and lowering volume level and sometimes the affirmations are heard at the low points of volume.  For this reason using music is not always the best ‘carrier track’ and something with a steady white noise (like ocean waves) is better.

Any Subliminal Message Recordings with other claims (reversed, silent, super fast etc) should be a red flag that you are dealing with either a con artist or someone with good intentions but fell into the trap of believing fantasy about what the mind can do and never checked with the real science of what is known.

There is Absolutely NO EVIDENCE that any Subliminal Message given beyond normal conscious perception (as opposed to masked by a carrier sound) has any effect. NO Study of ANY product has ever produced a result.

Samples of High Speed and Normal Subliminal Affirmations


High Speed
Can you comprehend 1000 times normal speech speed? Original over 7 Minutes of repeated statements reduced to 12 seconds. If you can’t understand it, (just like if it was said in a language your can not understand your Sub Conscious can’t either


Normal Subliminal Affirmations
The only Scientific evidence of Subliminal messages having an effect are shown when there is an audible track embedded subliminally into the presenting background sound. Hear how it is done with the above sample, which at the end mixes down the Ocean waves so you can once again hear the Subliminal track




Why Purchase Subliminal Sessions from Mindfit Subliminals?

When there are hundred of website’s and companies selling Subliminal products why would you choose to purchase from us? It is a great question and I am pleased that you have such critical outlook causing the need for you to investigate this important aspect of a purchasing decision. Below is a list of reasons we feel you are making a great choice.

1) Cost and Value for money

At $4.95, our Subliminal MP3’s are some of the most reasonable you can find on the web. While other companies will tell you how you have to pay for their advance recording/creation process or their unique system. We are honest enough to tell you, there is only one form of creating Subliminal Messages that has any evidence at all it works.

Other companies will sell you up to an hour of recording, perhaps divided by different backing (or masking) tracks) suggesting you are getting more.  The reality is Subliminal messages work by repetition We provide a 20 minute track which can be put on repeat mode if you wish to have longer exposure.

2) Honesty and use of Science

Make no mistake, the majority of people who purchase Subliminal Sessions would consider themselves New Age and open minded. Many marketers of Subliminal products will take advantage of this ‘open mindedness’ and add terms (or make products) that have Reversed Speech, Multi track recordings (The truth is, almost all music is made with multi-tracks which is then reduced down to stereo for the final recording), or 1000 times normal speech.

None of these methods (while sounding like they are extra’s or making the product somehow ‘special’) have any evidence they work. The only evidence comes from Subliminal studies where there is an audible message that is masked by a presenting track spoken at a normal rate.

The truth is … The Sub Conscious has never been shown to react to something that is not also able to be perceived by the conscious mind. The beauty of Subliminal Messages is that the message is hidden within something that keeps the conscious mind busy and is therefore not affected by your critical self talk.

3) Proof you’re getting a real product specific to each topic

It is unfortunate but there is always the possibility that many subliminal products being sold are the same MP3 or CD, with a change of file name to reflect the different titles – but it is the same product.  Some websites that offer a subliminal audio sample – but use the same one on each product page, which does little to defer any concerns you might have about getting a real subliminal track specific for your needs.

At Mindfit Subliminal, we provide on each product page a sample that shows the progression of the decreasing volume of the affirmations. In this way you can hear the affirmation start out at an audible volume and are reduced and embedded into the presenting ocean wave sounds.

4) Created by Experts in Behavior, Attitude & Belief Modification

Mindfit Subliminal is brought to you by the creators of Mindfit Hypnosis, who have consistently provided top quality Hypnotherapy Sessions since 2001 and always ranked within the top 3 Hypnosis Products Website since they started.

Mindfit Subliminal Sessions were added  due to increased customer demand for a product they could use on a more consistent basis. While Subliminal Messages will take longer to achieve a change than a more direct method such as hypnosis, its advantage is that it can be listened to for longer periods without the conscious effort required in a hypnotherapy session


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Subliminal Messages contain embedded positive affirmations into a masking track (ocean waves) below your conscious hearing by passing your conscious objections and creating new patterns of Unconscious thinking.  Use Subliminals for a passive approach to therapy.

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