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Including the Five Minute Spider Phobia Cure

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Free Gifts from Mindfit Hypnosis; including an Hypnotherapy Induction, a 20 Minute subliminal Therapy Session entitled “Live Life with Purpose and Passion” and the every famous Five minute Spider Phobia Cure.

Five Minute Spider Phobia Cure (Arachnophobia)
This amazing video has been used and share thousands of times, Now you too can find out how powerful the NLP used in Mindfit’s Hypnotherapy Sessions will work for you.
Free Subliminal Message Session
20 Minute  therapy session to “Live Life with Purpose and Passion”  Play this in the background, and create a change in your attitude without making any conscious effort. Calm and relaxing ocean waves contain the hidden affirmations to reach your unconscious mind
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Mindfit presents a sample Hypnotic Induction for you to relax and float away.  The very act of going into a hypnotic trance produces relaxation, and you can experience for yourself how well you will respond to Hypnosis sessions you purchase