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Hypnosis downloads is a faster and more effective way to make changes in your life.  It involves both Dr Dobson’s session and you sitting back closing your eyes and imagining the suggestions that are given.  Both of us, co-operating as a team to change your life.

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Subliminal Message MP3Subliminal  Products

Positive affirmations embedded into a masking track (ocean waves) below your conscious hearing – allowing your Subconscious to hear without interference.  Subliminal messages are a passive form (NO Effort on your part) and take a little longer than Hypnosis to create changes


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  • I must say that the material is worth every bit the $12 and more. Sometimes when downloaded items your never sure of what you’re going to get particularly with something as personal as hypnosis. I must say, my cynicism left once I had tuned into your audio. Your skills and professionalism are superb I will certainly be following your on social networks and purchasing more.–Catherine Murray

  • I have bought about 9 mp3’s from you over the last a few days and found them very useful. I love hypnotherapy mp3’s as well but the subliminal mp3’s easy to listen when you don’t have time to relax for 30 minutes. The other day I played them in the office (didn’t tell anyone that they were subliminals) I can honestly say that it changed people’s mood. –Nesli Hollinshead

  • I have never been able to be hypnotized before and I have tried it over 8 times. I thought I would try it one last time. Amazing, it was a great feeling to not be able to open my eyes and be aware at the same time of my conscious mind looking at myself (strange feeling).

    Thankyou so much for this experience–Fran Celle

  • I ordered your session and enjoy, still, the relaxation I get from listening. I am still occasionally surprised and have to marvel at the seriously impressive results! It’s hard to believe I did that, and it’s really me! In a way, you’ve helped make me the man I am today. If I can do that, with your help, I could probably successfully use your tools to do just about anything!–Todd Norras

  • The previous MP3 I got from another website (to stop smoking), hasn’t worked. I emailed the gentleman, he said give it 21 days. Religiously for the past 3 ½ months I listened, and still smoke like a chimney. Thank you your website and MP3 have been very helpful.
    Very Respectfully. –Nick

  • I Just Found Your Site The Other Day, and I’m very grateful that I found you hypnosis sessions available for download. I have bought some other tapes from others, but I have found that your technique with the background voices and sound works best for me. Thanks again from a “new loyal customer”–B Bourgeois

  • Dear Andrew
    As a research Student studying for my PhD in Psychology I want to thank you for your help information and advice regarding the methods you have used in the production of your hypnosis sessions. As you are no doubt aware the science behind your approach works. I look forward to analyzing the results of your approach and letting you know the results–K Burns PhD Student Monach University Australia


Mindfit Hypnosis and Subliminal Message MP3 Downloads

Fast and painless Subconscious Change!

For over 20 years Psychologist and Hypnotherapist Dr Andrew Dobson has been contracted by clients to have them sit back and relax in a chair and make them into the person they want to be. Now you can take advantage of the incredible power of your Subconscious mind and achieve the same results from the comfort of your own home.

Let a Professional Guide you through your Change!

Let’s face it, if molding and creating yourself into who you wanted to be was easy, then you would not be reading this now.  Change comes from Subconscious learning and there is an art and a science involved at using the psychological techniques to modify and change your automatic Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors. 

Best Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Products

When a person attempts or tries to make a change in their life; they seldom ever succeed.  It is easy to decide we want to accomplish something, but as we attempt to make the changes, our conscious mind starts to play a part.  It criticizes the efforts you make, it reminds you how difficult the task is, it lets you know that you failed in the past.  Due to this negative self talk, your subconscious – the very part of you that is responsible for how you act automatically – never gets a chance to reprogram you.  Let Mindfit help you create success you deserve to have.

Subconscious Reprogramming – The Fastest way to Create Change

Dr Andrew Dobson from Mindfit Hypnosis has created a very special and powerful range of products that reprogram your unconscious mind with better ways of thinking and acting.  Hypnotherapy and NLP are subconscious therapy modalities and because they are communicating directly to the Subconscious mind, your critical conscious self is bypassed.  This means that no matter how you think and act now, your present behavior and past experiences have a minimal impact on the therapies influence.   Over a short period of time you naturally begin to display the qualities contained within each specific session.


Why Choose Mindfit Hypnosis?

There are many hypnotherapy websites and a variety of hypnotherapists available online, it can be a tough choice to decide which one to purchase from.  The reality is that your response (and therefore the effectiveness of results) will vary from hypnotherapist to hypnotherapist.  I have done my best to provide every opportunity to test my range of products out before you make your purchase.  You can listen to a free induction (scroll to the bottom of this page), and samples of each product are provided on every page so that know as much as possibly what you will be getting.

Below is a short video that explains my science based approach to therapy and a brief highlight of what makes Mindfit’s hypnosis and Subliminal Message range of products stand out from the others.

Included in Mindfit’s Programs are the following methods for helping you to become the person you have only ever dreamed about. Now, for you – change will be as easy and as natural as sitting down, taking a deep breath and listening to Dr Dobson guide your unconscious mind into a new reality

Binaural Beats: Special manipulation of the backing music that FORCE your brainwave pattens to go into a hypnotic State. There is no way that Hypnosis will not work for you using Mindfits audio Hypnotherapy, as you are guaranteed to go into hypnosis
Original Scripts: So many Hypnosis products online are beginners reading the same thing. Dr Dobson creates his on unique script based on traditional Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based on 20 years real life experience.
Affordable Price: Hypnosis MP3’s are only $9.95 | Subliminal Message MP3’s only $6.95. These remarkably inexpensive MP3 sessions are 1/20th of the cost of a one on one session with a Hypnotherapist or Psychologist worthy of merit.
Realistic Product Range: No multi-session combinations for one issue. So many other hypnosis websites will try to sell you multiple sessions for a single topic. This is not only a waste of money, it indicates a lack of confidence in the therapist belief they can help you.
Instant Download: Start your growth right away, the download links available instantly after purchase on your customer invoice and emailed to you just a few minutes later.
Science Based Scripts: Designed on real psychological research – not wishful thinking. Scientific studies show there are limits to what the Subconscious Mind is able to change. You can be assured Mindfit does not sell titles that are questionable.

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20 Minute therapy session to “Live Life with Purpose and Passion” Our free give to you because everyone should have more Purpose and Passion in their lives. Just Subscribe and download the MP3 file to use to change your life
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What better way to test if Hypnotherapy will benefit you than with Mindfit’s Hypnotic Induction Video. Relax and let the stress float away with this quick session complete with a test to see if you were Hypnotized!



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