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Mindfit Hypnosis Torrent

Mindfit Hypnosis Torrent

Why they are listed but not there?

As any business online with digital products, a torrent download has been made available by someone with the desire to share the results they have gained with others. And this torrent has been shared by many others. Trouble is the sessions shared in the torrent were very early product samples, which quite frankly are sub standard compared to the actual products that are available today on the site. Apart from the obvious attempt at providing Hypnosis sessions for affordable prices at this site – I am concerned that by downloading these crappy quality (the were made for dial up days so almost 10 years old) the impression someone will get is below the standards that are set today. Mindfit engages in an active DMCA notice to torrent listing sites.

This results in the actually listing on a torrent site becoming a void page – but search engines still list the page.

Torrent listing sites getting removed – Why?

The process of sending a DMCA notice (Legal notice informing a website that they have copyrighted material on their site) is a standard and simple task. Mindfit has now outsourced this task as a weekly job. Previously I would take the time to personally write to the website owner explaining that, if the DMCA notice is sent to the website company that host’s their account, the hosting company does not take the time to remove the items included in the notice – they just remove the whole website.

As a website owner myself I realize that having your whole website taken down for just a few links,  is not really fair especially if you’re providing an information website and have just added the torrent links to be helpful to your viewers. However as many of the websites that do this are sham blog sites that make their income by having you come to the website based on a search engine listed article – to find nothing there and hoping you will exit on a paid advert – the owner of the site hides their true identity in a whois search, the only option is to send the notice to the Hosting company.

The host company then has to have the listing site owner get permission from Mindfit to have the site released and placed back which takes time to ensure that the content that had their website taken down has been removed. This has become to time consuming now for my sense of fair play to provide the site owner with the opportunity to fix things before the Host company is contacted. Now that the task is outsourced, the process of attempting to protect my reputation and my income from people who are aware they are stealing is costing me money and the warning and opportunity to remove the listing has gone.


What happens, if you upload Mindfit’s Sessions as a Torrent and get caught!

1) Details of the person who submits Torrents to a torrent site are obtained, a fraud/thief email is sent to Gmail or yahoo or Hotmail (any public free related email provider) which usually ends in termination of the email address

2) If the email account is associated with PayPal or similar,a complaint is filed for the amount of income that would have otherwise been obtained had the sessions been paid for. PayPal will occasionally terminate the account due to the illegal use of their services.

3) Hosting account is contacted if the listings of torrent links are published on the website. Hosting account is usually put on hold, which can take several days to weeks to have the hold release and the site again uploaded.

These actions are much more extreme than I would prefer – but there is not a war on against pirates and people stealing digital products and the various services involved have much less sympathy as I myself do. It has also gotten to the point where as a group combating this problem has become to time consuming for me to be as considerate as I once was.



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