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“Hello Doctor.
I have purchased two of your CDs. They are great, they work wonderfully, I have smoked for 36 years my poor lungs were really feeling the damage I have done to them. over that time period. Now just three days later I’m already breathing better. Your CD was my last chance, you see I didn’t really want to quit. But my body was feeling the effects of smoking all those years. and you CD was a lifesaver for me. I thank you with all my heart”.
best regards,

P Northup


Hi I just received the Exam stress cd and enjoyed it. I ordered the Super learning cd as well. I am studying for a licensing exam and hope the two together will help. I often have trouble motivating myself and tend to avoid studying… I like that you use the binaural beats…



Hi Andrew,
Your hypnosis tapes are very high-quality, in my opinion. I have never heard a person able to say so many words without stumbling, mispronouncing, clearing the throat, or any other impediment to a smooth delivery. Well done.

Many thanks for your great products.

Sincerely, Rich S


Hello Andrew,
I purchased Breast Enlargement Hypnosis: Natural Breast Enlargement Hypnotherapy Instant Download MP3. I have sent it to three people since that time as gifts.

The women who are using your MP3 really like your voice. You’ve done a grand job. It’s definitely one of the best recordings for NBE (natural breast enlargement).
Kind regards,



Dear Andrew,
I only listened to one of your MP3s so far, the one to help you think positively (You named it “Depression”)… and its top of the line! I ordered two more, one for Realtor stress relief! Great material, great voice (and accent).

Thank you for creating such high quality hypnois/NLP recordings, you are giving something of great value to your fellow man. 🙂 I will email further details after I use the other two I purchased.

Sincerely, N Rodin


Your mp3’s are fantastic the only ones that can get through to me.
I can tell you know what your doing compared to other sessions ive heard. 🙂
I have tryed many, hypnosis sessions; recently Richard Mckenzie and Steve G Jones (Custom Session)

Joshua L


your a legend! and so am i!!! first night, cant believe it! i downloaded your great sex, and the other one and played them back to back, i not only feel confident sexually, i feel confident in all things! from my first exposure! i trust that this new confidence will develop more and more the more i listen to your session. i have been serching for this for a lifetime, my parents always discouraged hypnosis, (and lots of things) i wish i did this years ago! this has honestly saved my life….. thank you

Jason (New Zealand)

Mindfit Hypnosis Testimonials

First of all your website was the easiest to look at, not slam full of thousands of hypnosis tapes. Second, actually the most important I could listen to a sample, the old “try before you buy.” I’ve downloaded a MP3 before from another site, had no sample and I found the voice sort of irrithating, I don’t know why. I liked the induction; believe me I suffered through ones that seemed to literally go through every muscle from my head to my toes, taking forever. I liked the fact I had the options of trying to open my eyelids if I wanted. Some tapes seem to challenge me to try and open my eyelids, and wham my eyelids fly open.

The most impressive thing was you mentioned anxiety is a valuable tool. I never, ever thought of it that way before. I thought it was a curse, an embarrassment, but what you said made sense.

Actually I thought anxiety was the under lying reason that fuels my smoking habit, hence why I downloaded the anxiety MP3 first. Long time ago I was hypnotized, quite smoking for a while, but started smoking again. So I know hypnosis works, but on the other hand I have actually become more skeptical since the tapes and CDs I have brought over the years yielded no results. To see results immediately from your MP3, and not wishful thinking is noteworthy.

The previous MP3 I got from another website (to stop smoking), hasn’t worked. I emailed the gentleman, he said give it 21 days. Religiously for the past 3 ½ months I listened, and still smoke like a chimney. Thank you your website and MP3 have been very helpful.

Very Respectfully, Nick


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the Cds, they arrived yesterday. I knew immediately it was you speaking and I must complement you on your rich tonal voice – you still have your Kiwi accent, which is good. The sexy lady was a knockout.

I tried 2 Cds and I must say yours is far better than Wendi’s (wendi.com)- for which I paid mega bucks in comparison and not half as good as yours!

Ivan (Australia)


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for writing. I appreciate your prompt response and your explanation of the technique and it’s intended purpose. I actually listened to the session again last night, and adapted to the sound by #6 in your count down. After that, I fell very easily into the intended hypnotic state. In the end, I found your session and technique to be more effective than ANY other session or technique I’ve tried in the past. I “woke” up in a refreshed state and felt not only immediately motivated but also possessing a positive attitude toward my ability to enjoy great change as a result of your work.

Add one more satisfied customer to your list. I’m glad I found you!

Cheers and kind regards, D Fox


“hypnotist Andrew Dobson is GREAT!!

I Just Found Your Site The Other Day, and I’m very grateful that I found you hypnosis sessions available for download. I have bought some other tapes from others, but I have found that your technique with the background voices and sound works best for me.

Thanks again from a new loyal customer”

B Bourgeois


Just as I thought I love your mp3’s, I just listened to the breast one. It was fantastic!
I feel wonderful and relaxed. I am positive that it will work for me. I could feel my breast tingle. I am definitely your biggest fan. Thank you so much for such a wonderful program.
Please do one on prosperity, a lot of people will be interested including myself. I will keep you updated on my progress on both programs.

R. Scott


I’ve tried every method and every Infomercial. I was so blown away by your MP3. I was so under. I always wondered if I could ever be hypnotized. Yes, I can! I called many places in Dallas for the same service and it was hundreds of dollars.

The first time I listened, I was amazed that I was in this state. The day after, I was amazed at my behavior. the weight loss was VERY effective.

Thanks, Andrew. I think you have something here.



“Following on from the noticeable reduction in stress that I experienced after using your Stress Reduction session for a few weeks, after a difficult period in my life I would like to thank you for the personalised session that you created for me following our online consulthations.

I would like to say that after many years of struggling with weight that after a period of use with your MP3 I have found that I have lost over 20 pounds and for some strange reason – am starting to actually enjoy the gym. I must say that I will follow thourgh with further custom designed sessions as I proress towards my goals”

Ian M … London



“Dear Andrew,
I just listened to your hypnosis mp3 for weight loss, and wow! After months of fatigue, I feel really peppy!

Amina Mirza


I gained a lot from your hypnotic sessions , I am in a better situation now , of anxiety , depression , self-steem, and confidence managements , what I really miss is a hypnotic session specialized in ( social phobia ) , I could not find any link for this subject in your website , I like your sessions quality, and I would like to know how to get a special session for ( social phobia ) In MP3 format, if you are not providing that session , please advice .

Mohammed Saudi Arabia


Hi Andrew,
I just like to give you some feedback on the mp3’s. I think they are really cool, especially the music and the best part is the induction in the beginning, it flows naturally, because in some hypnosis tapes/cd’s I have listened to, it’s too fragmented like the induction is really ‘conscious’ I guess yours is what’s called ‘indirect’, it’s easy to get into and you don’t spend a whole lot of time breathing and focusing on relaxing all the body parts. I guess you could say it is not ‘laborious!’ ha … Look forward to seeing more mp3’s soon !

Ben Yap, Australia


“Dear Andrew
Thank you thank you thank you, I purchased your Stop smoking hypnosis and I have to say that it worked. It took only one week for me to stop completely and I have not had another for 4 months now. I can’t beleive you sell those things so cheap – but thank you”

Sarah Lessons …. Auckland New Zealand


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the free sample you allow people to download. After several years of anxiety attacks I used the freebie session and found that this in itself was enough to reduce my anxiety levels 10 fold.”

J McLean …. Santa Monica (Mother)


“Dear Andrew
As a research Student studying for my PhD in Psychology I want to thank you for your help information and advice regarding the methods you have used in the production of your hypnosis sessions. As you are no doubt aware the science behind your approach works. I look forward to analysing the results of your approach and letting you know the results”

K Burns PhD Student Monach University Australia


“Hello there,
Just a quick note about your sessions. I have tried two so far and can honestly say they are by far the best I have heard. Have you considered making an accelerated learning script? I would be interested if you ever did.

Mike. UK


Dear Andrew
Thanks for your help. I have bought and downloaded 3 of your sessions. I really like them so far. I recently bought a cd with another therapist for enhanced learning, but found it hard to listen to. I also like your updated site for the mp3s. In listening to the mp3’s I particularly like the music you use in the opening inductions.Thanks for the wonderful self-hypnosis sessions.

Charles, Oakland, CA


I just wanted to let you know I think your recordings are great. I’ve been using the MP3s for depression and social phobia for about six weeks now. I listen to them every night usually before I go to sleep. I’ve noticed a difference in my state of mind. It’s not anything drastic just a subtle change in the way I think and see things around me. It’s helped with my work and the way I interact with others.
Thank you, Glenn R, Texas


 Janette Macnair  Email : janettemacnair@gmail.com

Dear Andrew,

I very rarely write reviews but i really feel the need to let people know what an amazing thing you have going here.

I have been using several of your subliminals over a period of months,mostly for relarionship insecurities.

I cannot believe the power of these scripts.

I have been interested in complementary medicine,hypnosis,NLP etc for over twenty years but never have i found a treatment to be so effective and so low maintenance as your subliminal mp3s.

I put them on at night when i go to bed and play them on a loop all night long.

The ocean waves soundtrack actually helps me drift of to sleep and unlike hypnosis it’s great knowing my subconscious is still benefitting even whilst asleep.

Most of us want a solution to our problems,with the minimal amount of effort required in achieving it. Let’s be honest!

Andrew you have made this possible by putting in all the effort your end,so we dont have to.

I am a changed woman and its taken me twenty odd years of searching and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work in this field.

I cannot emphasis enough the potency of these treatments,if you are willing to allow some time for change.(for me generally 4weeks later i started to feel issues totally resolving) then there is nothing standing in the way of potential resolution of your issues.

Thank you again Andrew. Keep up the good work. Xx